Deployment Support

Deployment Support

Opulent provides live support throughout the entire deployment process. At the customer’s discretion, our engineers will provide any of these needed services:

Deployment of servers

Setup monitoring agents

Installing necessary applications

Setup & define policy for continuous back-ups, and snapshotting

Setup & configure firewall, VPN, application load balancers, or any other peripheral devices needed.

Rest assured the Opulent technical team is available to our customers throughout the entire spin-up process to ensure your applications are running happily and securely in the Opulent Cloud.


1 Billion

Latest Cisco Networking gear capable of processing 1 billion packets per second


Multiple interconnects in each location


Private LAN


Single interconnect in each location for failover


Private Layer 2 Interconnection between sites

Dedicated Support

Our suite of Managed Services includes maintenance & monitoring, help desk, and critical response components, as well as migration assistance, capacity & resource planning, architecture design, and live deployment support. The heart of the OpulentCloud is our “White-Glove” Managed Services provided to each client.

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