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Managed Services | OpulentCloud

Managed Services

Managed Services

Opulent has built its value around focusing on customer needs and delivering solutions — not just infrastructure. This commitment to customer experience begins in our sales and onboarding processes and continues throughout the post-production customer experience.
During onboarding, we take the time to learn each customer’s business, their objectives, and their use case for virtual infrastructure. This enables us to advise them on architecture, resource planning, deployment scenarios, and business continuity, giving us the ability to customize the ideal cloud solution for their specific needs.
This process also gives us deep insight into application requirements. By understanding the applications essential to each customer’s business, we gain application/workload intimacy and a granular understanding of their business operations. This informs our customization strategy and empowers us to provide infrastructure and application-level support.
Finally, onboarding helps us understand the best space within our environment to deploy the customer’s infrastructure, ensuring their full access to the resources purchased 100% of the time.

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