Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Opulent’s cloud servers utilize the awesome compute power of our high-performance clusters of hypervisors and store disk images and hard drives on the super-redundant high-performance centralized storage area network (SAN).
The architecture of our infrastructure offers each virtual server built-in high availability and redundancy. Hosting server disks on the SAN provides instant automatic failover in the event of a hypervisor’s hardware failure. This not only ensures 100% availability of virtual servers, it provides ultimate flexibility for upgrading/resizing machines to satisfy compute demand. And since this failover is built into the infrastructure, it’s a standard feature for every customer — not an add-on or an upgrade.
Our cloud environment utilizes the OpenNebula® cloud orchestration platform for cloud resource management. OpenNebula is a simple yet feature-rich and flexible platform for the comprehensive management of virtualized data centers to enable private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Orchestration Platform

OpulentCloud leverages the Open Source project – OpenNebula – for CLOUD resource management. OpenNebula is the most simple, but feature-rich and flexible solution for the comprehensive management of virtualized data centers to enable private, public, and hybrid IaaS clouds.

Secure and Redundant

OpulentCloud has multiple sites hosted in secure datacenters in Dallas, TX and Miami, FL,  inter-connected by private Layer 2 network to ensure secure data replication and failover. OpulentCloud utilizes data encryption, incident monitoring, tight access, and endpoint controls to fully protect your data 24/7. We ensure that your applications and data will always be protected in the cloud.

Our Network

OpulentCloud features multiple 10Gbps public interconnects (in each location) delivered to the latest Cisco Nexus switching gear capable of processing more than 1 billion packets per second. OpulentCloud also features a 10Gbps private network built to handle the demands of workload-intensive applications.

Dedicated Support

Our suite of Managed Services includes maintenance & monitoring, help desk, and critical response components, as well as migration assistance, capacity & resource planning, architecture design, and live deployment support. The heart of the OpulentCloud is our White Gloved Managed Services provided to each client.

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