White Glove Approach

White Gloved Approach

The key to providing White-Gloved Managed Services is simple — knowing your customer. And that’s our primary goal and motivator. That’s why you can’t just swipe a credit card and get started on the Opulent Cloud. Every Opulent customer needs to complete our onboarding process, which familiarizes our engineers and solutions architects with your business, the (software) applications you’ll be hosting, and your use case for virtual infrastructure, as well as your business goals and objectives. The simple concept — of knowing each and every customer’s business — is what allows Opulent to tailor a managed services package for each customer and essentially become an extension of the customer’s team.
The scope of our managed services is much deeper than keeping servers online and protected. It’s about being a key facilitator of business continuity, expansion, and assisting our customer with reaching their goals, objectives, and milestones.
When it comes to managed services, Opulent puts on the white gloves and leverages all of its resources, knowledge, and expertise to get the customer to its desired destination.
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