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Are my infrastructure resources shared with other customers?

No. All of the infrastructure resources that a customer purchases are dedicated to that customer.

What operating systems can I run in the Opulent Cloud?

Opulent utilizes an operating system–agnostic hypervisor. This means that you can run any operating system in the Opulent Cloud that supports an x86-based platform. Some examples are Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and BSDi.

Do I need to duplicate my application platform to maintain high availability and automatic failover?

No. While this is sometimes required in other cloud providers, Opulent has specifically designed its cloud to account for a customer’s need for high availability and automatic failover. This is a default feature, built in to every customer deployment on the Opulent Cloud.

Am I able to utilize a private LAN for communications within my own infrastructure, without traversing the public internet?

Yes. Private LAN networks are available. This is a great method of transferring data within your infrastructure without exposing it to the internet, and that helps to maintain certain compliances.

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